In the age of digital communication, casually sharing sensitive information like login details on social media chat might feel safe and secure, but the risks are greater than you think.

While today’s encryption methods provide a sense of safety, the looming development of quantum computers challenges the very foundations of our secure systems. ¬†A powerful¬†quantum computer will eventually crack the most common encryption method used today and may resurface the content we chat about today.

We cannot ignore that people may have been storing vast amounts of encrypted data today to decrypt it in the future. Whether it’s personal conversations, financial transactions, or other confidential information, individuals often rely on encryption as a protective measure. However, with the impending threat of quantum advancements, the security of such data hangs in the balance.

To safeguard our data against these uncertainties, consider adopting a split approach: share half of the sensitive information on one platform and the other half on a different one. For instance, send the username via a secure messenger while sending the password through your cellular carrier’s text message service.

By diversifying the platforms used, we can add an extra layer of protection against potential breaches in the future. Remember, today’s seemingly impenetrable encryption may not be tomorrow’s shield.